“…take your skirt off and put on your big boy pants on”


So, if you were stranded on an island (with a fresh water lake of course) and you had one lure to wish for, what would it be? I would pick the 4.5″ Texas-Rig Jig from Power Team Lures. This hunk of plastic has proven to work for me in all conditions, temperatures and regions. The sexy skirt and tantalizing smell would get you thinking about biting it yourself between casts.

They also come on a 3.5″ version.

Here is the entertaining description from the makers themselves;

“…you’re gonna have to take your skirt off and put your big boy pants on to start hurling this bait. No question about it, the 4.5” TRJ is a BIG hunk of plastic and it was designed that way for a reason. It’s a big fish bait. *Fact: Catching big bass makes anglers feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The bigger the bass, the fuzzier they feel! And here’s another fact: We’ve had more people catch their personal bests on this bait than all of our other baits combined. Take one out of the package and your mind will immediately drift off into lunker la la land. Then before you know it, you’ll be standing there with a sinister smile on your face wondering if you’ll get in trouble if you call out of work the following morning (us die-hard bass anglers call those “sick days”). Remember, if a bass can fit something into their mouths, they’ll eat it…they don’t discriminate. Plus big bass like to consume the most amount of calories for the least amount of calories burned to get the meal. That’s how they get big and fat in the first place.”

“So there I am once again with the tip of my flippin stick 6 feet down in the water trying to dislodge my jig from the brush pile I was fishing. Despite my poking and prodding in the branchy pile of nastiness, I’m left with no choice but to cut my line and leave another jig behind as my temper begins to flare. To top it off, while I was poking around down there I broke one of the guides off my rod! Now I’m hot! After 5 minutes of cursing, growling and throwing my hands in the air like an angry Baboon (I think I even made up a few new words during my war dance), I finally settled down and the wheels in my head immediately started spinning. And that’s when it happened…the idea for the 3.5″ Texas-Rig Jig was born! As a matter of fact, the 3.5″ Texas-Rig Jig also happens to be the very first bait released by PowerTeam Lures. Plus it was the bait that put PowerTeam Lures on the map (a little history there for ya). Anyway, so now I have a bait that has a jig appearance but I can Texas rig it (hence the name Texas-Rig Jig) so it allows me to fish the nastiest of brush piles without having to worry about getting my bait hung up! JOY! Double JOY! I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of spending more time fishing and less time trying to free up my baits. If you like flippin’ and pichin’ as much as I do, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Flip, Pitch and be Merry! ***It’s a proven fact that reducing stress adds years to your life.”

Check them out on FB or at www.powerteamlures.com

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