Vertical jigging from 100 to 700 feet is the way to do it. Rough waters? No problem…the Hobie Pro Angler 14 will keep you stable and steady. The “Fill Up The Cooler” (FUTC) jigs are the bomb. My favorite is Gary Sung ‘s The DEEP One at 210 grams is the perfect jig for these predators. Some of the equipment that I use includes the SEiGLER SG reel for jigging in shallower water (100-300 feet), YakAttack BlackPak for crate storage as well as my VISICarbon Pro flag and light that provides me with 365 visibility. Guam has incredible fisheries around the island and great year round weather. Stay tune for some pelagic action next. Salt water jigging and trolling action all over my channel…subscribe, like and comment!


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