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  1. Mr. Vargas,
    I have been on Guam for 3 years now, and have only found the kayak fishing group recently. i love to go out in my outback and fish. when i was stationed in georgia i went salt water and fresh water at least once a week for both. my work schedule here, due to being on subs, is very demanding here, and have only had very few opportunities to you out and get the outback wet. but i hav been hesitant about going out into the blue water with her alone. i was told that you recently started doing charters. if that is true i was wondering what the rates were if i have my own gear (thats a topic for later also) and kayak? also i know how to fish the inland brackish water with piping corks and bottom fishing. i have no idea how or what to do out here in the big blue. would you be willing to help out a new guy to the big blue finally land his dream of catching a mahi on his outback. i hav edone 2 charters and caught a few marlin, yellow fins and a wahoo, but i still need to land a mahi. any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Jeff. Do you have a facebook account? Contact me through there if you can and I can help you land some fish. I am always looking forward to fish with new faces. Having a Hobie is quite advantageous here so that is half of the battle. Cheers.


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